Our family-run business has been proudly restoring, repairing, maintaining and servicing classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles since 1976. Design and technology are our passion. We have known many of the vehicles since they first appeared on the market as new cars and have spent the past 45 years helping owners to maintain the desirability and increase the value of their classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

We have devoted many decades to achieving our vision. Thanks to our in-house upholstery shop and parts production facility, nothing is impossible – even if it’s no longer available through the usual channels. We supply anything from a perfectly overhauled carburettor to an authentic leather interior – all under one roof. Custom-made products are nothing unusual for us.

Classic cars are not just collector’s items; they are also part of our heritage. From the time that our father-in-law Fritz Wallner set foot in his workshop in Kreillerstrasse in Munich in 1976, it has been our life’s work to preserve and pass this heritage on to future generations.

The company was very small back then and the workshop was located at the heart of a quiet residential area in Trudering. Today, Kreillerstrasse is one of the busiest streets in Munich.

Fritz Wallner was simply following his heart at the time. He took on a filling station with a workshop attached and turned it into a world-renowned specialist workshop for classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles that, forty years later, remains a byword for perfection, experience and passion.

In 2016, his son-in-law Dipl. Ing. Rouven Genz took over the family business, bringing with him his experience of working for the largest German carmakers. In order to offer customers a full range of services, he decided to add a sales showroom for classic Mercedes vehicles. Today, the entire Wallner/Genz family works closely together, each family member an expert in their own field. Their knowledge is carefully passed on, preserved and adjusted to take account of new developments. Their passion for the automobile extends to their private lives and they frequently take part in rallies, runs and events in their own vehicles.

In 2022, WALLNER Classic reaches another milestone: The move to the WALLNERWERK. The new home of WALLNER Classic offers even more room in which to indulge their passion for the automobile. Workshop and manufactory find even more space to unfold, the visitor can experience via a shop window live what passion means. Here, in four underground parking halls, we provide a vehicle storage service of the highest standard for vehicles of all makes and model years – where owners can take their stored vehicles for a spin any time. In our showroom on two levels you will find a selection of exclusive vehicles of all makes and, of course, Mercedes-Benz classic cars.

How it all began: the development phase of our WALLNERWERK.
How it all began: the development phase of our WALLNERWERK.