// +SERVICE Battery maintenance plan

Some WALLNERWERK storage packages offer the option of battery maintenance – or you can add it for a supplementary fee. Power is available to every storage space and we supply the equipment.

But why should you consider a battery maintenance plan for your car?

A battery maintenance device can greatly extend the life of a car’s battery. It always makes sense if the vehicle is going to be immobile for some time. Depending on how you intend to use your treasured possession, it can be worthwhile not just in winter but throughout the year. Vehicle use is what matters here. It is also beneficial for those who intend to make mainly short trips. Batteries on cars that are used mainly for short journeys can become over-discharged because the alternator never has time to fully charge the battery.

Battery maintenance devices of varying performance and quality have been available on the market for some time now. We have, of course, tested the various products on the market and would like to offer you the benefit of our experience here along with few handy tips.

Let’s take a closer look at the following points: charging voltage, charge maintenance and regeneration.

The charging voltage of the device must be suitable for the battery. Before buying a charger, you should check whether it’s suitable for the battery and battery technology used in your car. Different batteries have different charging characteristics that require a compatible charger.

A maintenance charger charges the battery slowly and uses a maintenance or trickle charge to maintain the battery’s voltage and condition. The charging system approximates what happens to the battery when you drive the vehicle.

In our opinion, the regeneration function of a battery maintenance device is particularly important for classic cars, as this can often give a new lease of life to well-used batteries. The voltage is increased to generate a controlled build-up of gas in the battery. The gas mixes with the battery acid, giving energy back to the battery.

If you observe these few points, you’ll have a device that is perfectly suited to your particular car.

Connecting the unit correctly is, of course, described in the operating instructions.

Here’s proof that it’s as easy as ABC:

// Don’t connect the charging device to the mains yet.

// Connect the clip to the battery’s plus terminal and the black clip to the minus terminal.

// Now plug the charger into a mains socket and switch on.

// Charging will begin.

Modern chargers automatically detect when the battery is full and switch off.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in obtaining the right battery maintenance device for your vehicle. We’d be pleased to help.